vehicle with window tinting in houston

Let’s face it, a car is an asset that depreciates rapidly. So, anything you can do to help your car hold more of its value is worth looking into. As a vehicle ages, it incurs bumps, scratches, and nicks along the way. One of the most common causes of this is debris on the road getting kicked up by other vehicles.

That debris can be anything from a crushed can, coins, lumber pieces, but most often—it’s rocks. Yes, you’ve probably been there. You just spent $30.00 on the premium car wash, you’re cruising down the highway, and BAM! Some semi kicks up a small pebble that sounds like a firecracker when it hits your hood or worse, hits your windshield.

Now, that’s just once, but debris, sand, and other particles are hitting your vehicle on the road daily. Just because you may not hear them hit doesn’t mean it’s not happening. In fact, you don’t always even see the damage they do—until those nicks accumulate.

Then, you feel it when washing your car, you see that your front end and hood have hundred of tiny pits in the paint. Some of them may even go down to bare paint—that alone is at least a $500 repair right—not just touch-up paint.

Now, your car’s declining value is accelerated with every new nick, ding, and divot in your paint. This is especially bad if you just bought your vehicle and you’re still upside down in it. Sure, you can prevent these nicks from happening—just don’t drive your car. Let it sit at home in the garage and nothing will be able to hit it.

Doesn’t sound like a practical solution at all, does it?
Of course not! Listen, you spend thousands on your car for many reasons:

· Transportation

· Style

· Recreation

No one goes to the dealership and says, “I’ve been approved for $30k, show me the ugliest car you have.” No, you go out and try to find the vehicle that has all the features you want, looks nice, is in the color you want, and is within your budget.

So obviously, you care about how the car looks and you want to keep it looking new. You know how it goes, you get a new car and you baby it. Washing it every other day, buying special wax for it, using one of those car covers when you park it.

But what are you doing to protect it on the road? Surely, you can’t drive around with the car cover, and you can’t stop road debris in mid-air like you’re in the Matrix.

But what if you could?

Ok, so maybe not in mid-air but Solar Reflections does have an innovative solution that works just as well.

Real Paint Protection For Your Car

No, you cannot control the debris flying at your car every day Neo—but you can keep it from damaging your paint.

One of the most innovative solutions in vehicle paint protection since clearcoat is available for your car here at Solar Reflections.

If you’ve ever purchased an expensive iPhone or Galaxy phone then you likely have purchased a screen protector for your device. Usually, those are made out of an advanced polymer film that has self-healing abilities. It protects the expensive glass screens on those devices from getting scratched or shattered.

That same concept is at work in our advanced paint protection film that we can apply to your vehicle body. Also an advanced, self-healing polymer, this film is created specifically for vehicles. It’s designed to endure the abuse paint surfaces encounter on the roads.

Tough But Transparent

This film is completely transparent, with no bubbles, no ripples, and no one can tell it’s on—it looks completely stock. Our installers take extreme measures to ensure you get a custom fit. We remove emblems, prepare the paint surface, and laser-cut the film to precise measurements. Once applied and cured, we buff and polish the film and it’s undetectable.

Custom Coverage

You can choose your level of protection with our film as we have several coverage options:

Complete Wrap

For the ultimate protection – we wrap the entire vehicle 360° protection of your car.

Partial Front End

  • Partial Hood
  • Partial Fenders
  • Partial Front Bumper
  • Side Mirrors
  • Headlights

Full Front End

  • Full Hood
  • Full Fenders
  • Full Front Bumper
  • Side Mirrors
  • Headlights

Products That We Use

At Solar Reflections Window Tinting, we pride ourselves in only using the highest quality products on the market.

Protection For Everything You Can Imagine

ULTIMATE PLUS™ is one of the most advanced paint protection films on the market. Available in three different thicknesses to offer you the protection you need for exterior and interior surfaces. The entire ULTIMATE PLUS line up is virtually invisible and provides protection from everyday damages including scuffs, scratches, chips and more.

Built To Last

STEK’s product are SGS certified and ensured that we only provide premium and quality products that are built to last. We are ONE of TWO certified dealers in Houston, Texas.

Carpro Ceramic Coating

After applying a ceramic coating, it fuses with the paint, which results in a stronger coating. That means you are less likely to see scratches or damages in the future. The coating will also make it difficult for dirt and other debris to stick to the surface, making washes less demanding.

Service You Can Count On

With over 30 years of experience in the tinting industry you can trust our expert team of only certified installers. We know you’ll love your premium quality paint protection film that we provide a 10 year warranty on!