Leveling Kits

While most stock trucks sit lower in the front than in the back, many truck owners don’t like how it makes the truck ride. Fortunately, you can change that with a leveling kit.

A leveling kit uses hardware to raise the front of the vehicle just a bit so it matches the rear height. The kits offer a maximum lift of about two inches in front. Leveling kits are very simple but should always be installed by a professional for the best results.

Leveling kits make it so you can install larger tires up front just like you can in the rear where there’s more clearance. Also, it protects things like air dams,  lower fenders, exhaust components, and running boards.

While a leveling kit is not designed to allow your truck to go off-roading, there are some other options we offer for off-roading enthusiasts as well.


Body Lifts

Driving around Houston you’ve likely seen an off-road truck or SUV that’s been modified to ride a bit higher. However, those vehicles with that extra height are like that for more than just looks.

If you have an off-road truck or SUV you’re likely going on terrain and roads that are full of divots, drops, and rocks. Some of the grades and drop-offs can be quite extreme; one wrong move could damage your undercarriage—if your truck is stock.

Stock trucks have been lowered in recent years to increase aerodynamics and mileage to fall in line with EPA regulations. However, when it sits lower, sometimes that causes issues on certain terrain.

That’s where being a little higher up with extra ground clearance is an advantage. One of the best ways to keep your undercarriage from being damaged and do so on a budget is to install a body lift kit on your truck.

Installing a body lift kit gives you anywhere from two to five inches extra height. It does this by raising the body higher off the frame allowing extra space to mount larger tires, giving you that extra height. It’s not a drastic change but it does give you a bit more clearance at a much lower price point than other options and offers benefits such as:

  • Better visibility
  • A smoother ride
  • Increased clearance
  • Being able to drive through more challenging terrain

You can buy lift kits just about anywhere but that’s only half the battle. You have to know which lift kits are high quality and compatible with your specific make and model. Additionally, you have to know how to install them yourself or find a shop you can trust to do the job right— the first time.

However, if your budget is bigger and you want a more drastic modification to handle extreme terrain, that can be arranged also.


Suspension Lifts

Now, what if you want even more ground clearance? Let’s say you want to take up extreme off-roading as a hobby. We’re not talking the dirt roads off Riley Fuzzel, we’re talking steep grades, mountainous terrain, like something out in the Hill Country. A body lift isn’t going to cut it on terrain like steep river bed crossings, and large rock formations—you need to go bigger.

A suspension lift differs from a body lift in that you’re increasing the height of your suspension ride. This can give you a lot more than five inches, as most suspension kits can boost your height up to a foot.

Now, with that dramatic modification, there are things to consider such as:

  •       Your truck will handle dramatically different— start slow and become familiar with it the center of gravity is much different which affects things like cornering and turns.
  •       A suspension kit changes key components in your suspension such as control arms, springs, and shocks, to name a few.
  •       Adding a suspension lift may have manufacturer warranty implications, so check with the manufacturer first.
  •       Having a professional install your kit is the best way to avoid any complications


 Let Solar Reflections Lift Your Truck The Right Way

At Solar Reflections, we have professional mechanics that are seasoned truck modification specialists. We can get you the lift kits you need as we’re an authorized dealer for the top brands such as:

  •       Rough Country
  •       Carli Suspension
  •       Cognito
  •       Fabtech

 We’ll take a look at your truck, find out what you’re wanting to accomplish, and then get you the right parts you need. When you have our experts install your lift kit, you can be sure you’re getting the best experience and service.